Are you in control of your business?

Insurance distributors – agencies and brokers – have a unique business challenge; they don’t control their own accounts receivable.

Independent agents see their books as their most valuable asset.  Yet how many can get a full accounting of their books’ policies and policy values from the carriers whose products they sell? 

Reconcile Commissions - Quickly & Accurately

For small business owners, lack of transparency into their cash flows adds risk to an already risky business.

BobTrak helps you reconcile commissions quickly and accurately so you can stay on top of your business – whenever, wherever.

Beyond the AMS Systems

Agency Management Systems provide some, but not all, of the tools distributors need to wrap their arms around their monthly finances.

BobTrak SMB helps tie together the strands from data in the management systems to provide a more cohesive overview of the distributors’ financial data.

All Your Data, In One place

Any Policy, at any level

Understand producers as well as policies – and the relationships they serve. 

Policy Management

Manage any policy at any given level.