Resources for Insurance Distribution Management and the Book of Business Process

BobTrak has synthesized years of hands-on distribution management system project work for insurance and financial services providers into insightful and comprehensive white papers and guides.

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White Papers:

Book of Business in the Enterprise:

A business function that has been eagerly awaiting a systematic Solution

Book of Business in the Enterprise is a deep dive into the challenges and complexities that come from managing, maintaining, and evaluating the relationships between producers and policies in insurance and financial services distribution channel management.

Book of Business Management for Insurance Distribution:

Where Traditional CRM Systems Fall Short

Book of Business Management for Insurance Distribution discusses the unique problems associated with maintaining and operationalizing Book of Business data – problems not typically addressed by traditional off-the-shelf CRM applications.

Artificial Intelligence for Insurance Distribution Management:

The Promises and Pitfalls

Artificial Intelligence for Insurance Distribution Management provides a vision for transforming a back-office business process – tracking and evaluating producers’ books of business – into a business driver that can significantly enhance carriers’ top and bottom lines by using Artificial Intelligence to determine what “good” and “bad” look like for agents, customers and products, to aid underwriting, to identify fraud, and to find existing underinsured customers.


BobTrak’s High-Level Checklist for your Book of Business Management System Implementation

BobTrak’s High-Level Checklist for your Book of Business Management System Implementation is a deceptively simple-looking examination of the questions you should ask yourself before specifying and beginning a project to implement an off-the-shelf or custom solution for a distribution channel management system.  It seems very informal, but it can save you a lot of time, money, mis-set expectations, and frustration when it’s time to start the project.

David Kelly’s Books:
The Book on Incentive Compensation Management:

The Systematic Administration of Variable Compensation in the Enterprise

This is the only book of its kind.  It describes issues, roadblocks, and challenges in Incentive Compensation Management system implementations and prescribes specific techniques and procedures to limit risk and increase the chances of success.  While it focuses on the ICM domain, it is valuable for any data-driven business system implementation.

Out of the Box, or Out of the Question:

What Won’t your Incentive Compensation Management System Do?

This ebook explores the promises of ICM systems – promises that aren’t always kept in practice.  It provides things to watch out for, and gives suggestions for how to get past shortfalls in the off-the-shelf products.

BobTrak Blog:

Blog:  Book of Business Management and Agent Loyalty

Introducing the BobTrak Blog, where we will be posting articles of interest to the insurance distribution management community.