BobTrak takes a complex and aggravating back-office function and makes it easy.  And the data BobTrak manages is a gold-mine for managing and growing your business

Manage the complex and time-bound relationships between producers and the policies and accounts they service

Independent producers can have multiple relationships with a provider, and each relationship must be treated separately when it comes to managing their books of business.  Producer-to-policy relationships are date-effective, which means most CRM systems can’t track them.  And producer hierarchies change over time as well.  This is a very complex set of relationships to manage, and the system where it is tracked must be designed from the ground up to get it right.

In addition to its administrative workspace for managing and querying producer-to-policy relationships, BobTrak provides producers with workflows, reporting, and analytics to help them manage their own books of business.  You and they can be looking at the same data in real time.

Provide transaction processing to enrich business event data with historically accurate producer assignments for use downstream

When premiums, contributions, claims, renewals, cancellations, and commissions occur, you must be able to allocate them to the correct producer hierarchies for the moment in time they occurred.  Most commercial CRM systems are not designed to do transaction processing, but a book of business management system must provide this functionality.  BobTrak has a powerful and robust crediting engine to do just that.

Aggregate transaction values across time using business user defined rules

An individual business event is generally less interesting than the aggregation of business events at the policy level.  You might pay commissions based on rolling N months of premiums, or based on an annualization and true-up, or on policy year to date.  The single event doesn’t provide you with the commission basis you must have in order to calculate and pay incentives.

Or you might want to know the persistency of a producer’s book to determine a bonus amount – of the policies in force 12 months ago, how many are still active?  This kind of calculation is outside the scope of any other off-the-shelf product.  But BobTrak provides your business users with the ability to define aggregation rules in hours that used to take months or even years to program into the legacy system.

Calculate commissions and bonuses

Your business users can write incentive rules that will use the results and aggregations they have already created, or create new aggregations and incorporate them into new producer contracts.  A new contract can come online in days, not months or years!